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Rapid Load are the only pontoon or tritoon trailer guides you’ll ever need!

The Rapid Load Pontoon/Tritoon Loading System is Patent Pending.

LOAD YOUR PONTOON OR TRITOON quickly and easily.

Single-person loading and unloading is our signature feature.

Our Universal mounting kit fits almost any trailer.

The system is Easy to use in all water conditions and it is Ideal
for boating on the river.

The RAPID LOAD PONTOON/TRITOON LOADING SYSTEM is perfect for quick loading and unloading your pontoon or Tritoon in all water conditions. This system uses self-leveling floats that, when combined with our universal mount kit, can be used with pontoon or tritoon trailers up to 26’ boat length. It’s the only pontoon loader that you’ll ever need.

How Does the Rapid Load System Work?

Why ruin a relaxing day on the water with the stress of loading your pontoon or tritoon? The Rapid Load System transforms what used to be a stressful, messy loading situation into a simple, quick activity.

  • Simply back the trailer down the loading ramp and the polyethylene floats raise to the waterline and adjust with water conditions.
  •  The vessel is guided into position as the floats slide between the pontoons.
  • After hooking to the trailer, the pontoon/tritoon lowers onto the trailer as it leaves the water and the floats drop back into place.

Watch the videos below to see how the Rapid Load System works in the water.

System in action

How does it work



I was a first-time tritoon owner! I thought it would be easy to load as any other boat, turns out I was wrong.

Before buying this product, I had purchased four other products that only resulted in denting my boat and I still needed two or three people to help load. Honestly, I dreaded loading my boat until I came across Brehmer’s product.

With the Rapid Load System, I was capable of loading my boat very easily and quickly. It’s always sitting on the trailer perfectly. I have tried this product in very windy conditions, very steep boat ramps, and as long as the trailer’s in the water, it is easy to load by myself. I no longer dread loading my tritoon.

This product works great and is very durable, I only wish I had found this product sooner. This product is worth the money all day long if you care about your boat and your time.

Alex Persson

We no longer avoid boating

This was the first time my wife had ever loaded or even considered loading our pontoon. In the past we would tie up the ramp for ten to fifteen minutes while I backed in the trailer and went back for the pontoon, this would be on a good day.

Now we are no longer avoiding boating on windy days or on days the ramp is very busy. I have not loaded the pontoon since and my wife has become quite good.

We now visit all the way home.

Daniel Westphal

We Can Trailer The Boat In Under 5 Minutes

Last year I bought a new Sylvan Tri-toon. I was all ready to have a great year on the river, but that was quickly ruined by trying to load the boat back up at the end of the day.

It was extremely difficult to get the boat centered on the trailer while fighting a 3mph river current or wind. My wife and I would take 45-60 minutes to trailer the boat. A relaxing day on the river was ruined by the stress of getting it loaded.

With the new Rapid Load, we can trailer the boat in under 5 minutes. Now we can enjoy our time on the river without dreading the return trip.

My wife says the money we spent has saved our marriage!

Larry Larsen


When we first purchased our tritoon we knew we might have a problem loading the boat, and we did. Linda would get very nervous when it came time to trailer the tritoon. She could do it, but she would be a nervous wreck.

With this loading system she has gained confidence by 150 percent, she has become guide efficient when loading the boat.

The system is awesome and works great. It’s well built and can withstand some roughness.

Linda “Zip” and I have more fun on the water now since we don’t have to worry about loading.
Thank you for a great loading system!

Tony & Zip Masek Lincoln, NE

Every Trailer Needs It

I just purchased a new Shorelander trailer for my 25ft tritoon and had Rapid Load System from Brehmer installed. I live in northern South Dakota on the Missouri River. I don’t put my boat in a marina and load/unload each time I take the boat out. I absolutely love the Rapid Load!

We were out today and had a 20mph side wind. I have a Sanpan with tall sides. The boat slid right on the trailer like nothing! In and out, just as fast as the pros with their walleye, deep-V fishing boats. Every pontoon trailer needs the Rapid Load.

Dan Stahlman


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Rapid Load System from Brehmer can be ordered through a dealer near you. You can purchase the system when you buy new or you can have one installed on your current trailer.
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Brehmer Mfg., Inc. is looking for dealerships to carry the Rapid Load System. To find out how you can become a dealer, give us a call!


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The Rapid Load Pontoon/Tritoon Loading System is Patent Pending.

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