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US Patent. No. 10,674,704; 10,959,404; 10,694,718

The Brehmer PT Feeder is results driven. We’ve designed this hog feeder to act like a tray feeder while incorporating the agitation features of a paddle feeder. But the PT Feeder far-exceeds traditional hog feeders with our innovative sweep that virtually eliminates clogging.

Traditional paddle and shelf/tray feeders clog, are high-management, and waste feed. The design changes we’ve implemented solve those issues.

  • Designed for wean-to-finish, no separate piglet feeder needed
  • Minimal, to no management
  • Anti-clogging
  • Drop tube holders available

  • Hemmed and bent edges for bio-security and pig safety
  • Edstrom nipples
  • Rigid 304 stainless steel construction
  • End wedges direct feed toward pan
  • Feed Saver End Caps improve tray movement
  • 14 Gauge Tray
  • Water tube is made from one solid piece, no elbows
  • Variety of gate mounting hole patterns
  • Integrated gruel pan


  • Can be ordered as a dry or wet/dry feeder

  • Fast Alley or standard models

  • Pan 1″ off-floor or on-floor
  • Multiple pan drain options
  • Custom anchor options
  • Custom sizes available


The Brehmer PT Feeder comes in standard 30″, 35″ and 40″ tall configurations. Click the button above and download the specifications PDF to see the capacities and variations of this innovative hog feeder.

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