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Installed to impact your bottom line.

Choose Brehmer Mfg. to install your new semi truck equipment and stretch or shorten your truck frame. Our installers have over 45 years of combined experience. That’s why our customers keep coming back. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current rig, we can custom build any configuration to meet your trucking needs. Select from a variety of tag axles, pusher axles, wet kit installation, accessories and customization options for your semi.

Auxiliary Lift Axles

Make an impact on your hauling capacity with an auxiliary axle install from Brehmer. Not all truck stretching is done the same. Most other fabricators will cut and add to your truck frame at multiple points, adding extra welds. As a result, it increases the chance for failures at these modified points. 

In comparison, Brehmer uses a better engineered approach. We cut and extend at the proper points. This reduces the weld points and, above all, maintains the structural integrity of your semi truck frame.

Hydraulic wet kits

Hydraulic Information

3200 PSI

Made in house to fit your application.


Custom tank build options or factory built tanks.


In-frame tanks and hidden tanks available.


Side Dump
End Dumps
Truck Bodies 
fertilizer trailers
Walking Floor
2 line / 3 line
RGN Trailer
Feed Trailers



Brehmer Built Steel Toolboxes
Protech Aluminum Toolboxes


Minimizer Poly

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tank Alterations
Shortening or Splitting



Alter, repair, or improve almost anything with Brehmer. Here are a few examples of our work.


Custom built flat beds

Frame alterations

Frame stretching and shortening

Crane mounts

We proudly install B and F Cranes

Sandblast/ Painting

Revitalize equipment with sandblasting and painting

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